Cost Transformation Products

– Transforming cost into Profit.
– Prioritisation of Important tasks.
– Establishing Critical Control Points.
– Effective Maintenance Techniques.

Customer Satisfaction Products

– Analysis of Current Satisfaction levels.
– Process Review.
– Development of Service Champions.
– Creating a Quality Service Environment.
– Operational Management and Control.
– Productivity Improvement.

Sales Transformation Products

Sales Maximisation through :
– Enhanced Listening skills.
– Enhanced Questioning techniques.
– Influencing and Negotiation.
– Persuasion and enhanced selling
– Decoding Buying Strategies.
Selling Skills
– Negotiation skills.
– Persuading.
– Influencing.
– Product Knowledge.
– Structuring the sale.
– Objection handling.
– Closing.

Marketing Products

– External communications, advertising, public relations, direct mail
and newsletters.
– Business Development, specific targeting, lead generation, and
prospect research.
– Internal Communications, marketing committees.
– Research and Development- branding, image and perception
– Support and Accountability- Marketing and Coaching.
– Brand Essence Evaluation.