What the programmes do?

Sometimes in life and in business it is not possible to make your required and desired changes due to a lack of investment. We elicit and extract the best out of your people and process with our productive solutions that allow you to develop your current business in a more cost effective way.

  • Vision Alignment.
  • Strategy and Planning.
  • Employee Engagement & Development.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Sales Transformation.
  • Cost Effectiveness.
  • Product and Services Optimisation.
  • Rising Star Programmes.
  • Managerial Programmes.
  • Director Development Programmes.

About the Programmes-How do the Programmes work?

We go through a 5 stage process.

  1. Fine tuning your Vision and engaging with your Values.
  2. Discovering and Understanding how you currently work and prioritising the most important areas.
  3. Consulting on the most suitable and cost effective bespoke option for your business transformation.
  4. Implementing the programme over the agreed period.
  5. Establishing Critical Control Points for continuous improvement, support and scaleable growth.

What will be the Benefits?

Before Implementation we detail an explanation of the cost benefits and/or growth opportunities that will be achieved. The benefit of defining the true Vision and Values and aligning all those involved, both internal and external, has shown remarkable results.

What the Programmes will do for your Business?

Sales and Marketing

  • Having turn key, persuasive and inexpensive ways of generating leads.
  • A step by step marketing plan that increases customer awareness.
  • Creating customer focused advertising and online strategies to draw customers.
  • Building a more professional and motivated sales force.
  • Having a strategy that will compel people to come back and buy again and again.
  • Introducing new and more profitable product lines to win new customers.

Team building

  • Helping build strong Leadership Skills and attributes in senior managers/directors.
  • Helping find or re-find the passion of decision makers, and get them focused on running and building the business again.
  • Using a recruiting system that is efficient.
  • Developing an ongoing training system so people are more effective and productive in their positions and are ready for promotion as the company grows.
  • Training teams so they deliver superior levels of customer service.
  • Helping people stop working reactively, and being more proactive about building the company process.
  • Having a system for controlling, managing and reporting the company finances so the company builds.