Why should you want to work with 3D Business Consultancy Ltd?

We have a proven track record across the accountancy, recruitment, call centre, personel development and consultancy sectors for producing lasting behavioural change and delivering real improvements in bottom line results. We are a sales leadership and development service provider with a focus for enhancing the performance of Business Personel to their Highest potential.

  • Our training and consultancy in each of these sectors has been proven and extended our existing skill models and developmental solutions to match the needs of professional services people. These people have not traditionally seen themselves as sales people.
  • We have a team of people with extensive experience of their sector, either from their backgrounds or from designing and implementing projects.
  • We can measure the existing skill levels, the change our interventions bring, and the bottom line results they produce.
  • We have the international capability to deliver projects on a global basis.
  • Our clients trust us, and continue to work with us in long-term relationships.

Some of our Core Services are:

Assessment and Development
We can help you to determine the best assessment tools for the competencies and skills you wish to assess, identify selection criteria and the most effective tools / tests to use in the selection process. We can objectively assess individuals in line with industry and market conditions, expectations and best practice.

Career management
Bring your employees career goals into focus. We can help you to identify and communicate the internal opportunities for ideal moves and make all your employees feel valued and respected, and a part of the organisation moving forward

Management and Leadership Development
Deliver a leadership programme with clear learning objectives which relate to your organisational needs. We can provide innovative solutions to development needs relevant to your context with models and techniques for a standardized approach to leadership.

Performance Management
Translate overall organisational intent into meaningful individual objectives. Develop innovative and practical initiatives to ensure new processes are embedded, and Promote a motivational climate for superior performance.

Other Service Offers we have are:

Run with a minimum attendance of 10 candidates
If the company has 10 or more candidates then our workshops will be off site.
Clients attend the workshops as part of their specific bespoke development programme

On Job support
Includes support on client visits
Observe Candidate Behaviour
Recognise strengths and develop weaknesses

Remote support
Confident capable professionals who are skilled with an ever increasing toolbox and are motivated and enthused to perform to business transforming level

The above are just a taste of the services we provide. If you would like any more information on the services we provide as a company then please call us on 0845 013 2411 or email us on [email protected]