“Gerry is an amazing trainer and Helped me to increase my profit pipeline with so many effective approaches. His Team also me through some tough work decisions, helping me to move forward in my working life happily and freely. Gerry empowered me to believe in myself. This gave me real clarity about making the right decisions for me in align with my core values. Thank you Gerry for your true commitment, dedication and full support during my coaching sessions.”

– Claire Murray, Managing Director, Murray HR, Scotland

“Gerry has been my coach for a few months now, and has really helped me move forward on a number of issues I was struggling with. He is caring and supportive and genuinely makes me feel he is interested in how I am doing. I always appreciate the fact he compliments me on any progress made. He has a dynamic, organised approach which makes me focus on the specifics and suddenly see the situation in a clearer way. He uses great questioning skills and intuition to pick up on what really is at the bottom of the issue. I always leave the sessions motivated and committed with a smile on my face, and I would strongly recommend him for sales coaching as he is very thorough and precise.”

– Julie Kennedy, Office Manager, Berlin

“To be able to sell is critical for success, but it is one of the most challenging things to do on this planet. But help is at hand. If you place yourself in the experienced hands of Gerry Hogan you can be certain of blinding success. He is a leading salesman, coach and customer services leader”

– Dr. John L Clements, Best Selling Author and Creator of Life Wise Coaching,

“I have known Gerry through the Noble Manhattan coaching network and he has been my coach several times in the last year. He has a light caring approach and lots of experience in sales matters. He has really challenged me to take a good look at what I really want to do professionally speaking, and how to achieve my goals step by step. I found the sessions really useful and thought provoking, but also a good source of fun. I highly recommend sales coaching with Gerry as he is very proactive and target orientated, and will greatly help your company in monetary terms.”

-Alexandra Carciobanu, Internal Auditor, Bucharest Romania

“Working with Gerry as my coach has assisted me with making positive changes in my working life. Gerry’s empowering coaching skills have helped me make some major decisions and ascertain my goals with regard to my career, and setting up my own business. I would highly recommend Gerry as a catalyst for positive change, and as a coach for any business looking to progress.”

– Miss A Kirk, Legal Secretary, Kent

“Losing Sales in a recessive market can be stressful for any organisation, but it also has a detrimental effect on the motivation of your staff. After some sales coaching with Gerry, I was able to realise my perspective on matters was also having a less than positive effect. Not only was I able to change my direction, but tips on becoming more target orientated and delivering the right results have been invaluable in re-building my sales team. If your organisation needs a fresh approach to Sales I would highly recommend Sales Coaching with Gerry Hogan.”

– Debra Laba, Senior Financial Accountant, London

“Gerry you have been a great coach to work with. You have helped me to improve my business and I have greatly benefitted on a personal Level also. I would highly recommend Gerry as a sales coach for any business looking to boost profits.”

– Jenny Maguire, Managing Director, No Guilt Zone,

“Gerry and I practiced a number of training sessions on several topics, notably to improve my sales focus and organisation. When Gerry was coaching me what I liked most was his no-nonsense attitude, yet keeping things very light. His approach made me think outside of the box and actually get things done. I now know who to call when I need to think creatively and take action to enhance my selling strategies, and i would highly recommend him for any organisation needing a sales coach.”

– Genevieve de Lacase, International trainer, GDL Transitions