Here are some workshops we provide here at 3d Business Consultancy

Employee Engagement and Development Workshop

– Targeting and selecting the right people.
– Recruitment and Induction.
– Initial Development.
– Values Elicitation.
– Employee Engagement.
– Ongoing Development.
– Team Building.

Managerial Workshops

– Goal Setting.
– Time Planning and Focus.
– Effective Business and Operational Planning.
– Implementation Strategies.
– Performance Drivers.
– Goal Achievement.
– Quality Retention.
– Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture.

Rising Star Workshops

Achieving Managerial excellence and
Leadership through:

– Transforming weaknesses into
development opportunities.
– Designing your own Personal
Development Plan.
– Building your Tool Box.
– Listening Skills.
– Managing Difficult Situations.
– Pre Operational Planning.
– Operational Implementation.
– Developing and Designing your
Business excellence Model.

People Workshops

-How to give positive feedback.
– How to give negative feedback.
– How to delegate efficiently.
– How to effectively team build.
– How to inspire and manage people.
– Top Profile Team Analysis.